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There is random electricity in fresh and particularly sea (salt) water. The former is illustrated by lightening in storm and galvanised (zinc coated) roofing sheets rusting at the edges (this was later changed to zinc aluminium to retard the depletion process) and the need for sacrificial zinc blocks bolted onto steel pier supports and the bottoms of out board motors etc. The depletion of the sacrificed metal is called 'electrolysis'.

I've walked on water 30 to 40 ft in from waters edge towards the centre of a tributary of the Murray River. All that happened was that my feet got wet. It certainly did not make me a 'Son of God' either. Any religious bigot reading this may wish to crucify me. The simple explanation was a high tide, a strong westerly storm that drove sea water into the Dawesville that cut back up the flow of rainwater from the recent down pour in river catchments causing the river to overflow its banks! The only fish that were stranded in the shallows were 'blowies', not fit for human consumption, but the water did have a dark red colour AKA 'Burgundy' wine.

Electricity is forced movement of molecules, which in them are electric. It is this force, which keeps us from falling through apparent solid floors, which with boots on us are miniature universes etc. Electricity forces the separation of hydrogen from oxygen in water H2O.

Why not produce solar and wind driven electricity to:

  1. Separate Hydrogen and Oxygen from water; and
  2. Compress, individually, both gases and then recombine both in an engine to produce energy and water vapour

The simple explanation of life is 'electricity' – (the movement of molecules).

There is random electricity in all waters, both fresh and salt. AKA LIGHTENING and electric corrosion (electrolysis) of wet metals in contact and metals immersed in water. This explains the use of sacrificial ZINC and later ZINCALUMINIUM coatings to steel roof sheeting and sacrificial ZINC blocks bolted to metal structures immersed in water and the beginning of life in the ocean depths (which is still occurring) and the emerging surface foliage releasing oxygen to the atmosphere so allowing ocean life to begin above and on the ground. Of course this process took millions of years with lots of 'trial and error' i.e. 'survival of the fitest'.

With tongue in cheek, a PhD should be granted, not for producing reams of mathematical formulations but for the intelligent comprehension required to eliminate all the aforesaid and to develop the absolute simplicity of an 'apparently' complex situation (e.g. my first thesis on Hypars) and reduce 'academic mania'. A simple explanation of Life is Electricity! – Movement of atoms, not the stupidity of religion! A mythical god or even aliens from outer space did NOT place humanity on Earth. It was the result of chemical reactions in the varying electromagnetic environments of star materials. So life, not as we know it, (based on abundant H2O) will exist in a different form throughout the cosmos. Where plentiful H2O is unavailable it would not have developed the same so the electromagnetic methods used by us could not necessarily detect it.

Note – the ultimate weapon would be one that could dampen or eliminate electricity. Genius is probably metabolism reducing 'electrical resistance' in all nerves in the body and brain in the same way as a sudden surge of adrenaline instantly increases physical ability.

Electricity promotes motion – movement of ATOMS

So all animates generate their own type of electricity – Human – ref. nerve synapses, fanatics etc.

I believe theology to be 'hog wash' used to impart importance and status to particular organizations individuals and at a lower level to general humanity.

The time Moses spent on the mount was spent carving with Stone Age tools (his, not gods), Ten Commandments in a suitable slab of stone! – Supposedly etched by 'lightning' guided by GOD.


Once I was tentatively approached to join the Masons but as I was a confirmed atheist married to a staunch Catholic, my joining would have placed too much stress my marriage so I politely declined the offer.

When considering the fairy tales of religion, the tenants of various denominations make good sense (but should not be referred to as God's direction). One case is in Judaism – all food should be Kosher. In the early days, pigs used to be diseased which could be spread to the consumer so Jews are forbidden the consumption of pork, even though pork hasn't been diseased for years. A firm friend of mine who I'd known for over 60 years was a Jew and a Rotarian. One time I took him with me down to Albany where I was to inspect the construction of the New Albany Hospital. Passing through Katanning in the late afternoon we stopped so that he could attend a local Rotary meeting and we could both enjoy the evening meal. When I asked him if he enjoyed the meal (which was roast pork) he said the rabbit tasted lovely. My remark was that this was the first time I had been served rabbit with apple sauce (normally served with pork). Deceased for the past seven years, he is now 'communing' with his GOD trying to expiate his early sins. One thing I noticed if you used a diagram with both vertical and horizontal references (for individual letters of the alphabet), depending how you used the references (by reading backwards, then forward), you could get both GOD and DOG – both being man's 'BEST FRIEND'.

It is vastly egoistically presumptuous of all religions to assume and declare that their congregations are beloved creatures of an almighty, Deity variously called GOD, ALLAH etc whereas ALL humanity, presently and probably into the far future is the worst type of VERMIN to have 'evolved' on this minuscule lump of star material situated in the BINDOOKS of the cosmos so, I maintain that all religions are Fairy Tales and all theology is hogwash.

Just recently it was published that various animate insects considered as vermin by humans are in fact beneficial to humanity, so it's a conglomeration of vermin working in both accord and discord.

(Hand written draft numbered R2)

Absurd Academia produces mathematical mania where an extract from the published calculations for a skewed Hypar theoretically produces simultaneous compression and tension at an angle less than 90 degrees to each other. This is absurd – the angle is inviolable at 90 degrees. When the 90 degrees is re-established both the C & T forces reduce the supposed above values.


The only structures that can have simultaneous C & T members not at 90 degrees are trusses where the T & C occur in adjacent web members. If these web members are at 90 degrees to each other, the T & C forces are minimal.

Once true comprehension is arrived at, the answers are always simple! Valence in chemistry Atomics and quantum mechanics etc. The destructive force of the atom bomb is the instantaneous release of the forces holding the unstable material together. In nature, these forces slowly dissipate over a millennium resulting in a more stable different material.

Insert diagram here – relative movement in opposite directions of two objects drags the air between them so reducing the air's density and producing a reduction in its pressure causing a relative vacuum, causing the air outside the objects to push them closer together.

Another instance of the above occurs in my kitchen when fluid spills over the slightly projecting edge of the counter over the cupboard doors below. The fluid lands on the lower part of the doors and drops on the floor.

Insert diagram here – Di's Death?

The weight of the Railway engine and its wheel flanges would restrain the engine from moving away from platform edges and the side sway of carriage springs would allow the carriages to be sucked and pushed the few inches onto the platform edges. This twisting action would start as soon as the front of the car entered the tunnel and as the car would stay airborne for a very short time on entry, the point of impact with tunnel column would be less than 100 yards from entry. The actual distance should go quite a way to prove or disprove all of the above.

Finally I have been a boss all my working life (it's lonely at the top as I was told when applying for a higher position in the Government A.W.D) and regard myself as a non-gregarious confirmed cynical egotistical atheist. All religions are fairy tales egged on by power brokers and do-gooders. Humanity is presently one of the biggest scourges that so far have evolved on the Earth, which is of less significance than that of one grain of sand in all of the beaches of the world, when considered as part of the cosmos. All things both animate and inanimate are made from star material and have evolved in the last billions of years due to chemical reactions in a multitude of continually evolving electro-magnetic motional environments (any two of which produce the third).

I had a reasonably successful marriage, lasting 46 years, with my devoutly Catholic wife, so perhaps I should have added 'tolerant' to the above. My cynicism finally erupted when I published a 'death notice' shortly after my wife's death on Friday 13 March 1993, which read –

"A'voir chook, Hope your wings work well, Love Lew"


The direction of large solid airborne object travelling at SPEED? eccentrically through a comparatively confined air space will be determined by the vagaries of gaseous mechanics. ? the works of Bernoulli (1700-1822).

Insert sketch from handwritten draft H2

When landing another venturi under the vehicle sucks it onto the ground with a force greater than cars weight and harder to steer in split second of landing.

Two examples above are:

  1. The flying Scotchman train's trial run 'at normal speed' encountered no obstacle but at speed it tore the fronts off platform edges i.e. the Venturi effect sucked the train to platforms.
  2. The low front bottom edge of Formula 1 race cars bumpers leaving only a SMALL gap above ground produces a vacuum under car holding it more firmly on corners at speed countering centrifuged forces.

Death responsibility:

  1. Designers of funnel and its approach.
  2. Inebriated driver.

Insert sketch from draft page H2 here.


Another example of ACADEMIA madness in T Y Lin's (An American Engineer) Voluminous Tome on pre & post tension concrete. It's all BULLSHIT, making a simple concept as complicated as possible. I repeat AGAIN, concrete has NO COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH; its ability to resist compression is based solely on its tension strength aided by tensile reinforcement or confinement. In addition, all failures in concrete are TENSILE not SHEAR failures and follow the line of compression force.

The following three pages extracted from a technical journal illustrate the mathematical mania of so called professionals who do not comprehend the extreme simplicity of Hypar Design, my method of separating tension & compression (ALWAYS at 90 degrees) into two separate materials, CGI roofing arched in compression and sag bars in tension, this eliminates any so called shear. When built in reinforced concrete containing simultaneous T&C (at 90 degrees) the resultant at mathematical compression being so called shear – my HARDING HERESIES prove that it is the tensile (NOT SHEAR) strength of concrete, which will govern. So first use a stronger concrete mix i.e. any concrete failure will be shrinkage cracks and will follow the 'C' line so place adequate secondary steel reinforcement at 90 degrees to main reinforcement to assist the tensile strength of the concrete etc etc.

Since the early days of my education where we were taught that all matter "at it's core" was comprised of atoms which were composed of a centre nucleus surrounded and circled in various rotational orbits by satellites, AKA our part of the cosmos i.e. the sun as nucleus with it's rotational planets (Earth, Mars, Venus and so on) being it's satellites – so our solar system is, in the larger sense, an atom. Then a differing number of atoms combined to make a variety of molecules with a massive collection of identical molecules producing a particular material AKA a simple example of all the above is what we call water i.e. H2 O i.e. a combination of 2 atoms of hydrogen combined with a single atom of oxygen. We were also told that the applying extra energy such as heat to materials, this extra energy caused the orbits of the satellite to expand outward from the centre nucleolus so causing the material to expand and conversely by extracting energy by refrigeration caused the satellite orbit to shrink so causing the material to get smaller. All the above sounds quite logical BUT, one anomaly is water.

When interral (?) is reduced by refrigeration, it expands and becomes solid reduced density, as a consequence it floats when dropped into liquid water, which incidentally is a plus for all denizens of a watery environment. If large amounts of ELECTRICITY are applied to H2O it can become HO that is then called 'heavy' water because refrigeration also turns it into a solid, which sinks when placed in water.

Another cause for my poor results in the Chemical examinations was coming across the term 'VALENCE' which means the affinity of various atoms to combine with differing atoms to produce different molecules and so, different materials. If this valence between two or more atoms is poor, the amalgamation of these atoms can be improved by the addition to the mixture of a thing called a 'CATALYST'. This catalyst enables the atoms to combine into a molecule without itself becoming part of the molecule.

In an attempt to better understand 'VALENCE' I took my chemistry books to WAR, all to no avail. A local denizen in N.G., whilst I was on field duties ‘NICKED” from my tent, these books plus my cut throat razors and straps plus several other useful items such as pocket knives, pliers, tweezers, spanners etc. Since the war, 'VALENCE' has disappeared from chemical jargon being replaced by ELECTRONICS with ions etc, i.e. once again ELECTRICITY (the movement of atoms and molecules has taken it's place).

This I can comprehend because electricity is the essential of life and all things material, as is being proved by all the innovations that are now occurring in all aspects and developments in all sciences etc.

Gravel, which is regarded as small pebbles of STONE and for years was used to surface country roads in WA. It, with massive amounts of ELECTRICITY applied to it and a suitable mixture, turns into ALUMINIUM Metal. Another instance of the importance of electricity in the science of existence. If the ALCHEMISTS of yore had access to abundant supplies of electricity and magnetism in their various forms maybe would have produced gold, if not from lead, then from other various materials. Magnetism is the simple alignment of the forces holding atoms and molecules together so that in suitable materials, such as steel, the forces instead of acting in random, act in unison, producing the so-called North and South poles. Today's technology can produce artificial, pure, correctly shaped jewel crystals such as diamonds and the ore use to produce LAZER beams and although the cost of production exceeds the market value as jewellery, this extra cost is recouped by the sale of the instrument in which it is an essential major component. The destruction force of the atom and hydrogen bomb is the instantaneous release of the internal forces holding the unstable material together. In nature, this release is very gradual, occurring over the centuries so changing the unstable material to a more stable one. The sudden release of the internal forces produces massive radiation (a form of electricity) which, when travelling through living material, upsets the materials electrical balance so producing cancer etc. As previously stated, if the electricity in life can be eliminated or overloaded, the result is the demise of life i.e. DEATH.

(Hand written draft numbered S7)

Another interesting phenomenon is that if you prepared a square grid horizontal (x) and vertical line (y) and place a letter of our alphabet at individual intersections when reading from left to right as we normally do and the result is D.O.G but if as is usual in many other 'Islamic' countries who read from right to left, they get G.O.D. Both presumed to be man's best friend. I much prefer our result.

Re travel, worldwide on land and water.

On land

Australia and the UK – travel on left of road. Aust KPH, UK MPH

USA and Europe – travel on right of road. US MPH, EU KPH

On water

When Poms crossing the Channel, land in France because of the configuration of the first part of the entry roads they start on the left but in a short distance they are travelling on the right of all the internal roads when travelling in France with my M.P.H Speedo I found, whilst keeping up with the traffic, that my speedo usually read the same speed as the K.P.H road signs. This meant that French traffic was speeding at 1.6 times the correct speed. Also in Paris along the main through road 'Champs de Elysee' Rue de? by keeping to the correct speed limit it was possible to travel the whole distance non-stop due to synchronised traffic lights. But the Parisians roar off the green and scream to a stop at the next light, which of course is red etc. As a result their journey is a multitude of start, stop etc.

Another interesting fact is that English cars, because of narrow and winding country roads are thin and tall, whereas the US cars are wide and low.

Whilst driving in Ireland (with it's narrow and winding roads I found that this was the only country that I had driven in where the road signs really meant what they portrayed. If you travelled a slight MPH speed in excess of the sign whilst rounding corners and bends in the road you would finish in the side ditches. I now think that the signs were for KPH not MPH. So I was, like the French, always speeding.

Another observation that will attract controversy is that 'MONGRELS are superior to purebreds'. It is my contention that purebred is akin to inbreeding for instance, compare the achievements of the so called aristocracy of Europe, particularly the UK with the general HOIPOLLOI of the U.S.A. England ruled the mogul wars only because it's Navy personnel were the offspring of the rape and pillage by the Vikings of the Southern Englanders. I was once told by a seaman in Fremantle that I, because of my appearance was, a mongrel descendant of the above etc.

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